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Exclusive Distributor & Its Products
Flame-Retardant coating Intumax EP1115X-HP
Flame-Retardant coating Intumax EP102
Flame-Retardant coating Intumax LAY41FL
Flame-Retardant Additive Intumax AC-2BG
Flame-Retardant Additive AC-3WM
RE-THERM Ceramic Thermal Insulation
Polymer Hydro Insulation R-Composit
Product - Service
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Exclusive Distributor & Its Products
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The structure of NANO-FIX ANTICORTM is a nano-sized silica sol and alyumozol (boehmite). Addition of the nanoscale sol NANO-FIX ANTICORTM provides significant reduction ofthe organic binder while maintaining elasticity of the coating and a substantial increase in adhesion to various substrates, as well as the cohesive strength of the coating.